« Investing in education is key to the personal and professional development of our students, and that's why we strive to make it accessible to everyone. Our scholarship programs are designed to provide financial support to those who need it, and our discounts help alleviate the economic burden so that more people can take advantage of this opportunity. At Educollege, everyone deserves the chance to receive excellent training, regardless of their economic situation »

At Educollege, we care about providing flexibility and options to all our students. Therefore, we offer the possibility of paying your tuition in a single installment or in installments, adapting to your financial needs. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to access the quality education we offer. However, it is important to note that at the end of the study program, there is an additional fee that must be included in the graduation process. This payment is necessary to cover expenses related to the organization of the ceremony and the delivery of diplomas. We are committed to academic excellence and offer our full support so that our students can successfully complete their studies. Educollege, your best educational choice!


As a recognition of the trust, commitment, and loyalty shown by students who have successfully completed any of our programs and wish to continue advancing in their education, this scholarship is designed to give them the opportunity to continue their academic and professional development at our university. We value the trust our students have placed in us and are committed to continuing to provide opportunities for their development and ongoing success, offering this exclusive benefit to those who wish to continue improving.


The unemployment scholarship is aimed at those who are in a period of unemployment and choose to invest in improving their future opportunities. This scholarship provides an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge that may be valuable in the job market. It is a form of financial support that allows the unemployed to access specialized training programs, courses, and workshops. By providing resources for their professional development, the unemployment scholarship aims to encourage reemployment and help individuals overcome obstacles that may arise during their job search. It is an opportunity for those who see unemployment as a chance to grow and better prepare for the future.


At Educollege, we are committed to promoting inclusive and high-quality education that provides equal opportunities for all. We provide support and resources to people with disabilities so that they can fully access education and develop their full potential. Our goal is to create an inclusive educational environment where each individual feels valued and respected, regardless of their abilities. We work on a comprehensive approach that addresses the individual needs of each student and promotes equal opportunities in close collaboration with our professionals to provide the necessary tools and curriculum adaptations that allow each student to achieve their academic and personal goals.


If you have been recommended by one of our students or have decided to enroll with three or more people, you will benefit from our FRIEND/GROUP SCHOLARSHIP program. This special initiative offers you exclusive discounts on your courses. We value the power of recommendation and know that studying in a group can be an enriching experience. So, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and join our educational community. Not only will you receive a quality education, but you will also enjoy the advantages of being part of our program in the company of people you appreciate.


An initiative that drives entrepreneurship and training for those who have dared to seek their own professional growth. This scholarship provides the opportunity to access resources and tools that will strengthen the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and grow your own business. Through an innovative and practical approach, this scholarship supports entrepreneurs on their path to success, offering them the opportunity to participate in training programs, workshops, and talks given by experts in the business field. In addition, this scholarship provides personalized mentoring and guidance to guide entrepreneurs at every stage of their project. If you are a bold and determined entrepreneur, this is your chance to achieve success.


The costs listed in the programs of each faculty are the original costs for each study program. However, the applicant has the option to apply for a discount of up to 30%.

The following costs are included:

  • Entirety of the study program.

  • Access to the Virtual Campus.

  • Guidance and monitoring for the development of the academic program.

  • Recognition of academic and work experience (optional).

  • Preparation of a personalized study plan.

  • Graduation documents.

Reimbursement Policy

Dear applicant/student, in order to provide you with advice regarding your enrollment and stay at our university, the American College of Education invites you to read the following information carefully:

Once the enrollment fee has been paid, there will be no refund; the respective payment covers the process of advising, academic, and administrative follow-up. To cancel studies and financing agreements, you will need to submit a written request to Educollege.

The payment made by a student who has decided to withdraw from the program will be considered as a credit in case they decide to re-enter the study program.

A student who authorized automatic deductions from their credit/debit card for monthly payments and decides to withdraw from the program will not be refunded for those payments made. To cancel studies and financing agreements, it will be necessary to submit a written request to Educollege.

To contact the Student Support Department, write to:

Security Policy

Educollege will maintain the privacy of personal data and any information about the payment method that the student has used. This data will not be provided to third parties.


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