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With Educollege's distance learning programs, qualified students accepted into our study system have the opportunity to transfer study credits based on their academic or work experience in the respective field of study.

To benefit from these credit transfers, students will need to submit documentation verifying their acquired experience.

The basic documents to be submitted for any program are:

  • Valid photo identification (driver's license, ID card, identity card, etc.).

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Diploma Programs:

  • Diploma or certificates of completed bachelor's (Bachelor) or postgraduate studies or their equivalent.

Bachelor's Programs:

  • Diploma or certificates of completed high school education (High School) or their equivalent.

Master's Programs:

  • Diploma or certificates of completed bachelor's, undergraduate, or equivalent (Bachelor).

Doctoral Programs:

  • Diploma or certificates of a completed Master's (Masters) or its equivalent.


Here is important information about the admission process:


Students from around the world with the necessary work and academic experience for their program of interest can enroll in Educollege's Academic Programs.

Once your admission application is accepted and the enrollment fee is paid, you will be registered as a student. You will receive an access key to Educollege's Virtual Campus, and an assigned academic advisor will contact you within approximately 24 hours to guide you through our study system.

American College of Education is an equal opportunity institution that does not discriminate based on gender, religion, race, age, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Admission Procedure
  • Fill out the admission application.

  • Once the admission application is completed, an admissions specialist will be in touch. If the applicant wishes to contact Educollege's Student Services Department directly in the United States, they can do so using any of our official contact channels.


As a higher education institution, Educollege expects its students to behave with respect and courtesy. Students who do not comply and provide false information will be permanently expelled from Educollege.

  • Educollege keeps records of all conversations with its students, whether through chat or email.

  • Educollege will issue up to 3 (three) warnings before expulsion, where the student will have the option to rectify their behavior or withdraw from their studies.

  • Educollege will not refund contributions made by expelled students.



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